Send smart bulk SMS Campaigns

Create personalised SMS messages and mobile campaigns that target specific subscribers based on demographics and interests. Schedule message delivery and track responses. Interact with your customers as replies are sent directly to your “Replies” inbox. SMS Campaigns can be used to push customers to mobile interactive platforms that achieve your specific business objectives.Smart SMS

Shortcodes, Keywords & Longcodes

These are memorable 5 digit numbers used in print or broadcast advertising and packaging to allow customers to easily contact your organisation. Incoming messages are billed at a pre-determined and advertised rate. Automated responses and triggered actions can be linked to specific keywords. This is a simple and well understood way to enter competitions or send enquiries that allows you capture subscriber details and engage further. Longcodes are 10 digit numbers that offer a cost-effective, and convenient way for your customers to contact you at a standard rate or free of charge.shortcodes

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Campaigns

Responsive web design adapts to the demands of a multi-screen world. The layout of your content is defined differently on each interface size to provide the best user experience on multiple device sizes. Landing pages for promotions or online sales as well as RSVP pages, survey forms and other interactive experiences can be built responsively so that they can be used as links in an SMS campaigns (or email campaigns opened on mobile devices).responsive-web-design-for-mobile-campaigns

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